Meet the Staff - Derek Greer

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Derek Greer, sales representative at Driver’s Mart Sanford, enjoys working for the Holler-Classic group because of its unique mission statement.

“I don’t sell cars. I help people buy cars,” Derek said.

When Derek applied for jobs 3 years ago, he got calls from several dealerships. With Driver’s Mart Sanford, he saw a difference right away. While most dealerships encouraged salespeople to sell the car that made the most money, the Buy Smart – Be Happy® process led customers to their perfect vehicle. 

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Meet the Staff - Andres Hoyos

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Andres Hoyos came to Orlando from Jupiter to attend the University of Central Florida, then joined the Holler-Classic team as a sales representative.

In July of 2018, he joined the team at Classic Mazda. He recently transferred to Driver’s Mart Sanford. When he applied for the sales job, he was looking for a position that involves working with people. Andres has always been a people person. Before working in sales, he worked part time in customer service roles at restaurants and coffee shops.

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Meet the Staff - Dennis Medrano

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Dennis Medrano worked in sales at Driver’s Mart Sanford for 2 years and recently moved up to a position in finance.

Dennis went for finance because he wanted to learn a new trade. He likes the challenge of selling protection, which is something you can’t touch and feel, and explaining how it can be beneficial to customers. He could see himself doing sales again, but for now, he enjoys his new office-based job.

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Meet the Staff - John Citrone


John Citrone has been working in the car business for 53 years, and he is now a sales representative at Driver’s Mart in Winter Park, specializing in helping credit challenged customers.

When John was 18 years old, he went into the Navy. Immediately upon coming back, he married his wife Sandi and entered the car business. John has worked in every phase of the car business since then. This all started because his wife’s father owned car lots around town. For a while, John worked in management at these stores. When he was 25 years old, thanks to…

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